Rutgers–Camden Center for the Arts to Host Virtual Classroom for Teachers to Introduce History Via Theatrical Production

By Tom McLaughlin

The Rutgers–Camden Center for the Arts (RCCA), in partnership with the theater company Pushcart Players, will host a limited-time virtual classroom for middle school teachers to teach government and history concepts through the art of performance. Participating teachers will receive lesson plans accompanied by video segments of the theatrical production “A More Perfect Union.”

Designed for grades 4 to 8, the set of four 15-minute segments and lesson plans is available free of charge Feb. 1 to March 12 and can be delivered to classroom teachers for use at their discretion.

“This experience is being offered free of charge as our thank you to teachers for their years of support of our programs, and for all that they do for their students every day, especially during this difficult year,” says Miranda Powell, arts education and community arts program assistant for the Rutgers–Camden Center for the Arts.

The Pushcart Players, the creators and performers of the project, teach history concepts and facts through a production of “A More Perfect Union,” a spirited folk musical introducing the people and events that led to the writing and signing of the U.S. Constitution.

The story begins in Boston in 1773 and ends at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1787. The play covers the critical and tempestuous time in the nation’s history in which revolution, war, and a failed attempt at self-governing finally led to the writing of the U.S. Constitution and the birth of the United States.

The musical, for young and family audiences, which addresses the American Revolution and the underlying causes, largely examines the period between the winning of independence and the formation of a national government.

Participation is unlimited, but teacher registration is required. Once registration has been completed, a link to the virtual lessons will be sent by Feb. 1.

The Rutgers–Camden Center for the Arts, a distinguished arts organization recognized by the New Jersey State Council of the Arts, provides performances, exhibitions, education programs, and community projects that inspire a full appreciation and enjoyment of the arts. The RCCA creates meaningful opportunities to participate in the arts, advances the central role of the arts in pre-K-12 education, and increases awareness of the arts as essential to cultural, economic, and community vitality.

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