Bridging the Gap Spotlight: Gabrielle Winter

Majors: Criminal Justice and Political Science
Minor: Legal Studies
Hometown: West Deptford
High School: West Deptford High School

Always on the Case

I have always been interested in law and crime solving since I was a little girl. I’ve been watching crime-related shows for as long as I can remember. I’ve always had a passion for helping people, especially youth. It wasn’t until I attended Rutgers–Camden that I also developed an interest in politics.

Award-Winning Part

My most memorable experience is when my classmates and I received the 2019 Chancellor’s Award for Civic Engagement for our participation in ROSES (Resilience, Opportunity, Safety, Education, Strength) at Rutgers. The community-based advocacy program focused on providing intervention for girls in juvenile detention, on probation, or deemed at risk for justice system involvement.

I am most proud of myself for finding my passion in juvenile justice. I realized how much I wanted to help disadvantaged youth after being part of the ROSES program for the past two years. I am proud of myself for the work I’ve done throughout the program and all of the work I have planned for in the future.

Time Well Served

During my time on campus, I learned how to be more independent and how to be more confident. I learned that even though life isn’t always easy, the journey is always about how you persevere.

Seizing the Opportunities

I was part of the Honors College and always enjoyed their events and service opportunities. I was also part of the cheerleading team my junior year. I loved being an active member on campus and taking advantage of all the opportunities. I met so many great people and inspirations.

A Great Example

My role model is Dr. Michelle Meloy. She has helped me tremendously in my personal and professional life. I admire all the work that she has done in the community and with at-risk youth. She is the sweetest person and always stays so positive. Even when I was having a bad day, I could walk into her office or class and immediately feel better. She is so smart and gives great advice. She is a true inspiration.

In Control

A quote that I live by is, “If you’re not obsessed with your life, change it.” I know it is cliché, but so true. It took me a long time to realize that I am in complete control of my life and emotions. I determine what happens in it. Sometimes I need to give myself a little pep talk, but I try to do everything with as much love, happiness, and energy as possible.

My Advice to Others

I would advise others who are considering attending Rutgers–Camden to be confident in their choices. Be your own person and take advantage of all the opportunities offered. Get involved in as many things as possible in order to meet new people – not just friends, but professionals as well.

A Real Surprise

People are always surprised when I tell them all the work I am doing behind the scenes. Many people, especially from my high school, viewed me as someone who was unintelligent and wasn’t going anywhere in life (including teachers). Since high school, I’ve worked extremely hard and couldn’t be more proud of myself. I love the path I am going toward.

One Less Worry

Bridging the Gap has meant a lot to me and my family. It allowed me to concentrate on my education without having to worry about how I am going to pay for classes. It took one more stress off my back and I couldn’t express my appreciation enough.

A Dream Come True

I still can’t believe I’m graduating. It feels amazing, as I always wished for this day. I imagined it a little differently, being surrounded by my friends and family, but I am still proud of myself for all the work that I’ve accomplished.

In Ten Years…

… I’ll be 31. I imagine myself owning my own family law firm and traveling the world with the love of my life (and maybe a little baby).

Thank You, Rutgers–Camden

I would love to stay in touch with Rutgers–Camden and continue my education there. I thank Rutgers–Camden for helping me develop into the person I am today.

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