Announcing Revised Grading Options for Spring 2020 Courses

Sent Friday, March 20, 2020

To the Campus Community:

In response to student feedback regarding the sudden transition to remote teaching, Rutgers–Camden is offering students an additional option regarding their final grades for the spring 2020 semester.

The university will allow all students to choose between:

  • receiving the earned letter grade for a final grade, OR
  • opting to use the Pass/No Credit option in lieu of the earned grade.

The Pass/No Credit option is available to students on a course-by-course basis. It does not need to be selected for all courses in the semester.

A Pass (PA) grade is equal to a letter grade of C or better for students in Arts and Sciences and in Business, and a C+ or better for undergraduates and a B or better for graduate students in nursing courses at the School of Nursing. It does not count toward the GPA, but it does award degree credit and satisfy degree requirements.

A No Credit (NC) grade is equal to a letter grade of D or F. It does not count toward the GPA. It does not award degree credit or satisfy degree requirements.

Students will have until 5 p.m. Friday, May 22, to make this decision for each of their spring 2020 courses. Students will be able to see the letter grade they would receive PRIOR to making the decision if they so choose. Please note that this timeline is unusual, and will not apply for subsequent semesters.

We encourage students to discuss this decision with their academic advisors, faculty, financial aid, and other advisors and mentors. This decision could impact future opportunities that may require letter grades, including graduate schools, scholarships, and employment. It is important to consider this decision thoroughly. It is best to have these discussions in the next few weeks with these faculty and staff members.

You will receive additional details and information about how to choose the Pass/No Credit option within the coming weeks.

Please contact your academic advisors for more details:

Graduate students should work with the advisors in their respective programs. Students enrolled in Rutgers University–Camden programs held at off-campus locations may work with their on-site advisors and/or the advisors for their academic unit.

We hope that this option for final grades will help you to adapt to remote learning and instruction.

Please monitor the Rutgers University–Camden COVID-19 resource page for updates about the current status of the university and our campus. At all times, please take care of yourselves and follow precautionary health practices.

Daniel Hart, Ed.D.
Acting Provost

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