United Kingdom Court of Appeals Judge to Speak at Rutgers Law School in Camden

Sir Richard Arnold will present the Greg Lastowka Memorial Lecture

By Jeanne Leong

Sir Richard Arnold, a judge at the U.K. Court of Appeal, will be the speaker for the Greg Lastowka Memorial Lecture at Rutgers Law School in Camden on Thursday, Feb. 27.

Arnold, an intellectual property (IP) expert, will discuss patent injunctions in the United States and abroad.

“He was selected because he is one of the most respected intellectual property figures in the U.K. who has thoughtfully considered many of the leading IP issues today,” says Michael Carrier, a distinguished professor at Rutgers Law School in Camden.

Carrier says the topic is important to many Philadelphia-area businesses. “If one company infringes another company’s patent, should it be kept off the market? For the many companies in the region with valuable pharmaceutical patents, this is a crucial issue,” he says.

Arnold has overseen landmark cases including refusing to allow pharmaceutical company Warner-Lambert to launch an interim injunction against generics manufacturer Actavis.

Although Warner-Lambert had a patent for Lyrica in a second medical use for neuropathic pain treatment, Actavis had sought to launch a new generic product, focusing on the treatment of generalized anxiety disorder and epilepsy, after Warner-Lambert’s first medical use patent expired.  Arnold’s ruling contributed to Actavis entering the market more quickly, lowering prices for consumers.

Arnold, one of five judges at the U.K. Court of Appeal, was appointed to the position in July of 2019. He previously served in the U.K. High Court.

The lecture, which is free of charge, will be held on Thursday, Feb. 27 at 4 p.m. in the faculty lounge at Rutgers Law School in Camden, 217 North Fifth Street, Camden, N.J.  Please RSVP to attend the event.

The annual lecture honors Rutgers Law School Professor Greg Lastowka, an expert in cyberlaw, who died of cancer in 2015.

William McNichol, a leading expert on intellectual property law, and an adjunct professor at Rutgers Law School in Camden, recently contributed a $50,000 gift to support the lecture series focused on intellectual property. “The Lastowka Lecture has become an important part of the vibrant intellectual property program at Rutgers Law School,” says McNichol. “I’m very happy to see the lecture remain as a part of the life of the law school.”

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