Graduating Student Takes Accelerated Path to a Career in Finance

Harry Harris

Harry Harris

By Jeanne Leong

Harry Harris’ intense focus on an early start to a career in finance led him to pack a four-year Rutgers University‒Camden business curriculum into three years.

“There are plenty of people out there with the same skills as you have, and to stand out you need to do something different to show your potential,” says Harris.

In his first year at Rutgers‒Camden, he obtained certification in the Bloomberg Professional service, which opened doors for Harris to the world of finance.

The Bloomberg Professional service, an information platform that professional investment decision-makers across the globe use, is an educational tool offered by the Rutgers School of Business‒Camden that provides students with access to financial market data worldwide, giving users a broad view of the types of investments available.

Bloomberg certification gave Harris an edge in obtaining internships at top investment and wealth management firms. The summer after his first year, he interned at Merrill Lynch, followed by J.P. Morgan Chase in his sophomore year.

“We live in a capitalistic society, and our economy relies on creating value. So with this major, I understand money, its applications, and its potential to become multiple sources of capital to start businesses and shape the future,” says Harris, of Mount Ephraim. “With this knowledge, I’m able to teach people how to reach financial freedom, and give back to the community along the way.”

A 2016 Audubon High School graduate, Harris arrived on campus at Rutgers‒Camden that fall and wasn’t certain that he would major in finance, but passing four tests to receive Bloomberg certification convinced him that finance is his calling, and that he wanted to start his career as soon as possible.

“I have always had an interest in the stock market, and specifically in derivatives. The Bloomberg certification just gave me more ideas on what I could do in finance.”

Through the internships, Harris learned to build client relationships and helped clients achieve financial goals. His internship last summer as a global finance and business management analyst at J.P. Morgan Chase in Wilmington, Del. led to additional internships during his last two semesters, and a full-time job with the company after he graduates from Rutgers‒Camden. In July, he begins working at J.P. Morgan Chase in the company’s global finance and business management analyst program.

To complete his degree in three years, he took six or seven courses each semester while working at his internships in Wilmington. Some days, he worked at his internship and then traveled more than 30 miles to campus for classes.

Harris became a master at time management to fit everything into his schedule. He kept a detailed list of work schedules, class projects and papers, and their due dates. He prepared for tests two weeks in advance so that he would know the material by heart by the day of the exam.

“I became disciplined because I wanted to make sure I could get the most out of my education, and get into the career that I wanted,” says Harris.

In May 2019, Harris graduated from the Rutgers School of Business–Camden summa cum laude, with a 4.0 grade-point average.

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