Share your “Big Ideas” about Rutgers University–Camden’s Future

Sent Wednesday, Sept. 26, 2018

To the Campus Community,

In 2014, Rutgers concluded Our Rutgers, Our Future, the largest and most comprehensive fundraising campaign in Rutgers’ history, which surpassed $1 billion across the entire university. As we prepare for the launch of our next comprehensive campaign, Big Ideas is a new initiative that will help us enhance how we communicate our visionary impact, heighten philanthropic support, and further accelerate our momentum.

“Big Ideas” connotes our commitment to support a number of multidisciplinary, large-scale projects that have the potential to create transformational impact by leveraging areas where Rutgers–Camden already is uniquely positioned to lead. The interdisciplinary nature of Big Ideas underscores a core strength of our campus and we seek to harness the knowledge, ambition, and energy at Rutgers–Camden by nurturing collaboration among faculty, staff, and students through this approach.

The concepts raised during the Big Ideas development process also have the potential to advise our conversation about how we chart a strategic plan for Rutgers University–Camden for the next five years. I urge each of you to take advantage of this opportunity, to think big and to be bold on behalf of our campus.

Submit your Big Idea, read more about the submission process, and review Big Idea examples.

I invite you to submit a proposal for your Big Idea to help us envision the dynamic future for our campus. As always, thank you for applying your creative thinking on behalf of Rutgers University–Camden. I can’t wait to see where our imaginations take us.

Phoebe A Haddon, J.D., LL.M.

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