Forming Bonds for Success

By Jeanne Leong

Kyle Kowal understands the value of networking in becoming successful in life and in the business world.

Through his classes at the Rutgers School of Business–Camden, the rising senior has been making connections with classmates, professors, and guest speakers.

Kowal’s courses in the Business Leadership Development Program (BLDP) provide enhanced leadership training, networking opportunities, and mentoring by faculty and business leaders in a variety of industries. Guest speakers from Wells Fargo Advisors and Morgan Stanley financial services he met in his BLDP courses led to internships at the companies in his sophomore and junior years.

While working at Morgan Stanley in Philadelphia, Kowal earned his Series 7 certification authorizing him to sell stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. He’s currently studying for the Series 66 exam, and if he passes the test, he will be fully licensed as an investment advisor and as a securities agent representing a broker-dealer.

“People went out of their way to help me out,” says Kowal, a finance major from Gibbsboro. Now, he and rising senior Josh Zimmerman, co-founders of the student club “Road to Wall Street” are helping fellow classmates learn what they need to do to succeed in the business world.  Zimmerman, of Bridgeton, N.J., also interned at Morgan Stanley.

“One of the reasons we wanted to start this club is to give back to Rutgers and to give to other students,” says Kowal. “The more people we can help to succeed, the better, because that is the goal of the club.”

Started in January, the club’s meetings cover topics such as stock market trends, resume writing and job search tips, and current events that may affect the stock market. The club’s nearly 30 members include students majoring in finance, accounting, and nursing.

“It’s great hearing the opinions of everyone in the club,” says Kowal. “Not only do you hear things that you agree with, you hear a lot of good points that you would not have thought of yourself.”

Alumni are also involved with the club. The group received advice about shaping the group’s objectives from Rutgers–Camden alumni James McCarthy SBC’86, a former managing director at Goldman Sachs, and Bill Booz SBC’13, a portfolio manager at Vanguard.

Rutgers–Camden alumni have spoken to the group to share their expertise and to offer career advice.

Kowal reached out to Joe Rigby SBC’78 to come to campus to address the group in March. Kowal met the former CEO of Pepco, the electric company in Washington, D.C., after Rigby spoke at a BLDP course.

“We get a good education here, we have talent here,” says Kowal. “If we can connect that talent with high-profile alumni and employers, we can bridge the gap between all of the talents we have here on campus and employers.”


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