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Angela Ortiz

By Jeanne Leong

Angela Ortiz honed her organizational skills at Rutgers University–Camden by juggling classwork, extracurricular activities, and internships, all while working to support herself through college.

A marketing major from Washington Township, Gloucester County, Ortiz will graduate on May 18.

The first in her family to graduate from college, Ortiz worked several nights a week as a server at Applebee’s to help cover her tuition and living costs. In addition to student loans, she learned to become resourceful in finding ways to pay for college.

“I had to work very hard in school to try to get academic scholarships because financially my parents could not afford to pay for my schooling,” says the 2012 Washington Township High School graduate.

She received a Responsibility Based Scholarship from the Rutgers School Business–Camden. Funded by donations from Rutgers alumni, the scholarship assists students who are working in jobs that may help to pay bills but do not advance their career paths. Through the scholarship, recipients are able to direct their time and energy to important experiential and educational activities including membership in student organizations, leadership opportunities, and business-related internships to get work experience to help prepare them for careers in the business world.

Ortiz also received some private scholarships, including the Penske Automotive Scholarship.

Arriving at Rutgers–Camden as a junior transfer student in 2015, Ortiz immediately immersed herself in campus life by joining the Marketing Association and Management Association clubs.

“A lot of people start out as a freshman, so I didn’t want to feel left out of getting the full campus experience,” says Ortiz. “I joined those clubs to really be a part of the community, instead of just going to school and going home. That really enriched my experience by meeting many people who I wouldn’t have if I just went to class and went home.”

She became a Raptor Ambassador, giving campus tours to prospective students and assisting with events such as Discover Rutgers–Camden Day.

At Rutgers–Camden, Ortiz had the opportunity to intern at Canon Financial Services in Mount Laurel, New York Life in Mount Laurel, and Ignarri-Lummis Architects in Cherry Hill, where she learned valuable job skills in communications, management, and leadership.

At Canon Financial Services, Ortiz developed leadership skills by guiding a group of interns.

“It was interesting to adapt to everyone’s personalities and try to figure out everyone’s strengths and weaknesses, and guide the team as a whole,” says Ortiz.

Managing to fit all of her responsibilities into her schedule required discipline and having everything on a calendar.

“I had my set days for working at Applebee’s, days for the internship, and I had homework and my social life in between there,” Ortiz says. “I just had to keep on schedule.”

Ortiz believes her experiences throughout her years in college have prepared her to tackle any challenges she encounters in her career.

She begins working soon at her new job as a recruiter at the Aerotek recruiting and staffing firm in Cherry Hill.

“I plan to stay in New Jersey for a while and learn more about the corporate world and discover what I want my career to be for the rest of my life,” says Ortiz.

She plans to eventually pursue a master’s degree.

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