Professor Michael Carrier Participates in Preparing ABA Transition Report for Trump Administration

By Jeanne Leong

The American Bar Association’s report on antitrust law to the Trump administration includes the work of Rutgers Law Professor Michael Carrier.

The report, which the ABA prepares for incoming administrations, is an objective analysis by a group of 20 lawyers, professors, and economists that offers recommendations on how the administration should handle antitrust issues.

Michael Carrier

“The recommendations offer a bird’s-eye view of the most pressing issues in antitrust enforcement today along with recommendations for where the agencies should be directing their attention,” says Carrier, a distinguished professor at Rutgers Law School in Camden.

The ABA Section of Antitrust Law’s Presidential Report was presented on Jan. 24 to the U.S. Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission, which are primarily responsible for enforcing the nation’s antitrust laws.

Carrier chaired the group that dealt with intellectual property issues and was a member of the committee handling health care and pharmaceutical issues.

“Some of the issues relating to the pharmaceutical industry involve measures that drug companies have taken to increase prices and potentially violate antitrust laws,” says Carrier.

The report also addresses the appropriate role of antitrust law in key sectors of the economy and around the world.

The committee members worked together for six months to produce the report.

“It is meaningful to me as a legal scholar,” says Carrier. “I spend my days thinking about how I can make a difference beyond the ivory tower. In addition to my scholarship and court-filed briefs, this project afforded me another opportunity to weigh in on important issues relating to competition.”


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