Rutgers University–Camden Establishes Leadership Institute

To help undergraduate and transfer students navigate their first year of college, Rutgers University–Camden has established the Leadership Institute, which will connect students to programs, events, and other opportunities to enhance their college experience.

“We have seen many students embark on successful careers as a result of their training at Rutgers–Camden. We want to develop these skills from the first day students arrive on campus,” says Allen Woll, associate dean for program development and special projects at Rutgers University–Camden and program director for the Leadership Institute.

The Leadership Institute will help Rutgers–Camden students identify their talents, passions, and career opportunities through mentoring and advising.

“We wish to start these students on their path to success on day one,” Woll says. “The theme of the program is, ‘Where Do You Want to Go?’ Our job is to help students carve a pathway to a successful career and life balance.”

Students accepted for admittance to the Leadership Institute will be introduced to successful alumni and community leaders who will provide mentorship and offer insights to the best pathways for success in their majors, careers, and life paths.

Additionally, the Leadership Institute will work in partnership with Rutgers–Camden’s Career Center, the Rutgers University Alumni Association, Civic Scholars program, the Business Leadership Development Program, and other initiatives to provide academic and career mentoring; leadership skill-building programs; connections to major-specific programming on and off campus; guest lecturers, artists, and writers; experiential learning opportunities such as internships, international study trips; community outreach projects; and campus activities.

“We find that the most successful students — both academically and in life experience — form a close-knit community with their fellow students when they arrive on campus,” Woll says. “The students support each other in their academic and social pursuits. Students draw on this network as they envision their life plans, working with others to achieve success.”

Woll says first-year and transfer students who have been active members of their school or local community may be invited to participate in the Leadership Institute upon admission to Rutgers University–Camden.

Participation in the institute spans a student’s first two years of study at Rutgers–Camden, but leadership training programs will still be available for students in their junior and senior years.

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