A Leader to Count On: Rutgers–Camden Student is Ready to take on the Accounting World

Victoria Cardis used her Rutgers-Camden internship and the Business Leader Development Program to set her career path.

Victoria Cardis used her Rutgers-Camden internship and the Business Leader Development Program to set her career path.

For many college students, life after commencement is like taking a leap of faith without seeing what’s on the other side, but the destination is in plain view for Victoria Cardis, who used her Rutgers–Camden internship to create her own roadmap to success.

A senior accounting and finance major at the Rutgers School of Business–Camden, Cardis has already accepted a full-time position with The Mercadien Group in Hamilton, where she currently serves as a tax intern during the company’s busiest season.

“A lot of internships bring students in and give them a feel for what the job would be like, but I started off by preparing tax returns right away,” says Cardis, a Delran resident and Delran High School graduate. “I don’t really view it as an internship. It’s more like a part-time job where I’m learning what I’ll be doing as a full-time employee. It has a lot of hands-on application.”

The confident Rutgers University–Camden student is ready to tackle the real world thanks in large part to the Business Leader Development Program, in which undergraduate business majors gain enhanced leadership training, networking, and mentoring by faculty and business leaders from a wide variety of industries throughout their four years at Rutgers–Camden.

“BLDP teaches you leadership skills and it allows me to take those skills and pass them along to others,” Cardis says, noting her role as president of Beta Alpha Psi, a student-led honors organization for accounting and finance students. “It helps build you up as a professional and gain knowledge of what it takes to succeed in a professional setting. It helps prepare students for the work force.”

Taking on a leadership role comes naturally for Cardis, who says many members of her family are accountants, and she gladly accepts the torch being passed on to her.

“I started taking accounting classes in high school, and I’m glad I enjoyed it because it matched up with my plans,” she laughs. “There are a lot of accountants in my family, but I wanted to be sure I earned everything on my own. I came to Rutgers wanting to take full advantage of everything I could and I feel like I’ve done that.”

While her short-term goals are well within reach, Cardis also has an eye on the future and is exploring law school as a possibility.

“I like the litigation aspect and law theory behind the tax field, so that’s definitely an option,” Cardis says. “It’s very exciting.”

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