Companies Increase Productivity through Rutgers–Camden Executive Education Lean & Six Sigma Programs

It’s becoming increasingly important for companies to take a structured approach to business performance analysis and to apply effective cost and performance techniques to achieve success.

Through the Rutgers School of Business–Camden’s Executive Education Program, companies can participate in Lean & Six Sigma training and certification to meet those goals, as well as increasing customer expectations.

“To keep our business competitive and to seek out continuous improvement, we wanted to have some Lean & Six Sigma trained employees,” says Larry Garro, supply chain vice president for the Symrise Flavor and Nutrition Division at Symrise’s North American headquarters in Teterboro. “All of the projects we have completed through the Rutgers program have been very beneficial to Symrise and have allowed us to increase efficiency, increase productivity, and reduce cost.”

Symrise is the world’s second-largest manufacturer of food flavorings and is a global provider of fragrances, flavorings, and cosmetic active ingredients. Headquartered in Germany, the company’s Flavor and Nutrition Division develops, produces, and sells flavors and functional ingredients used in foods, beverages, and health products.

As part of Symrise’s continuous process improvement initiative, its employees have applied their learning through Rutgers University–Camden’s Lean & Six Sigma Green Belt Training program, offered in partnership with Lockheed Martin, to projects within their New Jersey facilities, including the improvement on production of natural chicken flavors and increasing capacity for fragrance blending processes.

“The Rutgers program is an excellent one and I think all businesses should benefit from it,” Garro says.

Symrise is just one of many companies that have benefitted from the Rutgers–Camden training program. About 1,200 employees from New Jersey and around the world have participated, and currently there are 50 certification candidates working on projects at about 25 companies.

“This program yields results,” says Jonathan Lane, program manager for the Rutgers School of Business–Camden’s Executive Education Program. “We’re very pleased that the value proposition— a focus on practical real-world application and a substantial return on the training investment — is realized by customers like Symrise.”

Lane says many organizations like Symrise take advantage of the Rutgers–Camden certification program after training, which means participants identify a process at work that would benefit from a reduction of waste and variation, and apply the Lean & Six Sigma methodology in a project designed to improve that process.

“We surveyed some 100 certification projects executed by Rutgers-trained green and black belts since 2011 and found that they had achieved more than $50 million in benefits for their employers on their first projects alone,” Lane says. “With the confidence, competence, and success gained from the certification process, these ‘belts’ are poised to repeat and grow great results for their employers.”

The Rutgers School of Business–Camden offers Lean & Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt Training, as well as an online version of the green belt program. All training programs prepare participants for robust and results-driven Lean & Six Sigma certifications.

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