Rutgers Law—Camden to host talk on “The Real Cyberwar”

Shawn Powers, an assistant professor of communication at Georgia State University, will discuss his forthcoming book The Real Cyberwar: The Political Economy of Internet Freedom at 12:30 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 18, at the Rutgers School of Law—Camden.

Sponsored by the Rutgers Institute for Information Policy and Law (RIIPL), the free and public lecture will take place in the fourth floor faculty lounge of the law school.

According to Ellen Goodman, a Rutgers–Camden professor of law and a co-director of RIIPL, the lecture will explore several cases in which governments, like China, Egypt, and the United States, have tried to control domestic information flows for political advantage.

“Increasingly, social and political battles are taking place in and through cyberspace and nation states are developing responses to control, protect, or deploy information in strategic ways,” says Goodman.

“Turkey President Erdogan has called Twitter a ‘menace to society’ and Turkey has taken steps to restrict access to Twitter and YouTube. At the same time, Western leaders worry about ISIS’ savvy use of social media and assert that digital platforms have a responsibility not to be used for terror,” she adds. “NSA surveillance has made public and private actors around the world suspicious of American technology companies and is leading them to keep data local.”

Powers’ research addresses global communication concerns like these through his academic pursuits of international political communication and the geopolitics of information and technology policy. A faculty affiliate of Georgia State University’s Transcultural Violence and Conflict initiative, Powers co-leads its British Council and U.S. Institute of Peace funded project on civic approaches to religious conflict. He is also an associate director at the Center for International Media Education and serves on the board of advisors for the U.S. Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy.

An interdisciplinary venture based at the Rutgers–Camden law school, RIIPL is designed to promote research, innovation, and education in the increasingly important field of information policy. Members of RIIPL are engaged in a wide array of research and policy work that addresses issues such as public access to the Internet; policies and structures for public service media in digital networks; globalization of international media law; and the intersection of emerging technologies and contemporary intellectual property laws.

Rutgers Law—Camden is located on Fifth Street, between Cooper Street and the Benjamin Franklin Bridge.

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