Launching the Search for an Associate Chancellor for Enrollment Management (Friday, July 11, 2014)

To the Campus Community:

During the past several years, Rutgers University–Camden has enjoyed strong enrollment growth at virtually every level.  Increasingly, undergraduate and graduate students are embracing the opportunity to access the world-class Rutgers experience in a supportive campus environment that promotes their individual growth.

Continued enrollment growth is critical to all of our aspirations. In recognition of this campus priority, I am pleased to announce the launch of a national search for a new associate chancellor for enrollment management.  This individual will work closely and collaboratively with our academic units and every stakeholder group to recruit students who will advance the intellectual climate of our campus; embrace our many experiential learning strengths; and lead our communities as Rutgers–Camden graduates.  The person in this position will have direct responsibility for the admissions and financial aid offices on our campus, and will work to maximize university-wide resources on behalf of our efforts.

I am grateful that the following members of the Rutgers–Camden community have agreed to serve on the search committee for a new associate chancellor for enrollment management.  The committee consists of:

Co-chair:             Mary Beth Daisey (associate chancellor, student affairs)

Co-chair:             Dr. Joseph Schiavo (associate dean, CFAS)

Dr. Julie Amon (associate chancellor, undergraduate education and student success)

Dr. Cynthia Ayres (associate professor, SNC)

Christopher Bertone (senior admissions officer)

Larry Gaines (vice chancellor)

Heather Hunsberger (assistant manager, financial aid)

Dr. Carol Kaufman-Scarborough (professor, SBC-marketing)

Nathan Levinson (director, SBC-student experience center)

Amy Liberi (senior program coordinator, CFAS)

Scott Owens (director, alumni relations)

Stephen Roberts (associate registrar)

Jason Schweitzer (director, institutional research)

Michael Sepanic (associate chancellor, external relations)

Dr. Rayman Solomon (provost)

Allison Wisniewski (associate dean, student affairs)

Due to the highly competitive demand nationwide for leaders in enrollment management, we have engaged the search firm of Witt/Kieffer to help us identify and attract qualified candidates and manage the process.  I encourage you to share your nominations, suggestions, and ideas concerning candidates for this important campus position via the email


Phoebe A. Haddon, J.D., LL.M.


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