Call for Nominations for Chancellor’s Awards for Civic Engagement (Monday, March 31, 2014)

To the Campus Community:

I am pleased to announce the 2014 Chancellor’s Awards for Civic Engagement, which recognize the contributions of our campus community to Camden and South Jersey. Nominations are being accepted in five categories:  Academic Civic Engagement, Student Civic Engagement, Alumni Civic Engagement, Community Partner Organization, and Faculty-Staff Community Service.

Award recipients will be recognized at the Rutgers–Camden Commencement and Honors Convocation on Wednesday, May 21.

Nominations, including self-nominations, are welcome from any member of the university community. Submit a nomination no later than Monday, April 21.

Below are the criteria for each award:

Academic Civic Engagement

This award recognizes courses or programs that create outstanding opportunities for engaged civic learning for Rutgers–Camden students.  Examples of potential nominees include courses that integrate service or community-based research, major programs that integrate a community-based experience, or graduate degree programs that incorporate a public interest field component.  Nominees will be judged on the degree to which the civic experience advances broader learning goals; the interests of communities are advanced; and community resources are used innovatively and effectively.

Student Civic Engagement

This award recognizes students who have made noteworthy contributions to communities beyond the campus through their academic and co-curricular work.  Nominations may cite students’ engagement in one or more of the following: academic courses, internships, volunteer service, and paid positions. Nominees will be judged on the depth of their commitment and the impact of their work.

Alumni Civic Engagement

This award recognizes individual alumni or groups of alumni for efforts and projects that benefit communities beyond the Rutgers campus.  Nominations may cite alumni efforts carried out under the Rutgers banner or those carried out independently.  Nominees will be judged on the scope and impact of their work.

Community Partner Organization

This award recognizes a community partner organization that has worked with Rutgers–Camden to bring benefits to communities beyond the Rutgers campus.  Nominees will be judged on the impact of their work and the depth and scope of their partnership with Rutgers–Camden.

Faculty-Staff Community Service

This award recognizes staff and faculty members for service to communities beyond the Rutgers campus and carried out independently of their positions at Rutgers.  Nominees will be judged based on the duration, depth, and impact of their work.

I encourage you to recognize this important work by submitting nominations.

Wendell E. Pritchett, J.D., Ph.D.


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