Going Global over Spring Break

South Africa 2This spring, Scarlet Raptors are taking flight. Globetrotting Rutgers–Camden students are spending their spring break all over the world through unique study abroad opportunities that integrate cultural experiences with related coursework. Rutgers–Camden’s International Studies Program is sponsoring four trips during March that will take students to England, Guatemala, Italy, and South Africa.

In England, students taking the the course titled, “Big Banks, Big Government and Global Finance” are examining the origins of the financial collapse of 2007-08 and the responses of the two main centers of banking, the United States and the United Kingdom.

In Italy, students are taking the course “Travelogues: Exploring Place and Self in Sicily.” In addition to exploring the history of the travelogue — a short, exploratory ethnographic vignette meant to educate audiences about new and exotic places — the students are creating their own mini-documentaries about their trip, capturing the people and places they visit.

A group of nursing students are going to Guatemala to educate people of underserved communities on the importance of personal healthcare, diet and nutrition.

Rutgers–Camden’s signature spring break trip is to South Africa. This year, 72 business, law, nursing, political science, and urban studies students are sharing cultural experiences together.

In May, the international studies courses again will commence with two courses in Brazil (“Doing Business In Brazil” and “Brazilian Health and Healthcare”); one in France (“Literature and Civilization in the Loire Valley and Paris”); one in Ireland (“Literary Ireland”); and two in Prague and Budapest (“Contemporary Film and Literature of Eastern Europe” and “Musical Prague and Budapest.”

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