Completing the Stove Building Project

Today, we finished our stoves. We received a demonstration on how the inside of the stove should be put together. The women then walked with us back to their houses. We imeadiately started our work on the stoves.

When the children got home, they wanted to play with us. They would try and poke me and I would chase them when they did. We took pictures together and they taught me their dialect of the Mayan language. The thing that amazed me was that these kids who were no more than six years old had already mastered not one, but two languages.

After we finished the stoves and playing with the children, half of us went to a Mayan midwife. I asked her why she became a midwife, and she said she was asked by God to become a midwife. She told us that by being a midwife, she would be rewarded when she dies.

After we talked to the midwife, she took us into her temazcal which is like a sauna. It was the most relaxing experience I’ve had. The pain in my back from building stoves went away, and my sinuses were cleared.

By Steven Hale

Students at the Rutgers School of Nursing-Camden are spending their spring break on a service learning trip in Guatemala. Throughout the week, they will be blogging about their experiences.

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