Camden Law Grad Honored

Kevin WalshKevin Walsh, a 1999 graduate of the Rutgers School of Law-Camden, was inclined to “challenge the status quo,” as he puts it, even before he reached law school. But his experience at Rutgers–Camden helped this advocate, named Lawyer of the Year in December 2012 by the New Jersey Law Journal, find the tools – and foster the interest – to help New Jersey’s disadvantaged improve their lives.

“If I were independently wealthy, I would still do this work because I enjoy it so much,” he says.  “Working with good people around a common goal to improve the world is tremendously enjoyable.”

As associate director of the Fair Share Housing Center, New Jersey’s leading advocacy group for affordable housing, Walsh was celebrated by the law journal in December “for his successes as a fair-housing advocate, and for his efforts to craft legislation that would further the Mount Laurel vision or to oppose measures that would undermine it.”

Walsh credits his Rutgers Law professors, especially Distinguished Professor Robert F. Williams, for exposing him to not only the importance of constitutional law, but “good scrappy advocacy” and “representing the public good through innovative legislation.”  And as research assistant to then-Professor Jack Sabatino (now Judge of the Appellate Division of the Superior Court of New Jersey), Walsh was exposed to “opportunities for novel litigation” and more broadly, the legal landscape of New Jersey.

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