Students Explore Pine Barrens for Research

Not far from the Rutgers–Camden campus, New Jersey’s Pinelands National Reserve is home to some 850 species of plants within 1.1 million acres of dense forests of pine and oak, bogs, and marshes.

It serves as the perfect setting for student research; an outdoor classroom with seemingly endless natural resources.

“Rather than just working in a lab and getting samples that are delivered from somewhere else, I can extract my own samples right here and analyze them on site in our lab,” says Rebecca Bacheler, a  Rutgers–Camden graduate student pursuing a master’s degree in biology.

Bacheler is one of many Rutgers University students utilizing the Pine Barrens to get an up-close look at plant species in their natural habitat. On a 50 acre tract off of Route 70 in New Lisbon, Burlington County, the Rutgers University Pinelands Field Station serves as home base for the Rutgers students who do research there.

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