Legal remedies for the flu

A serious outbreak of the flu has been widespread in the United States this season and federal health officials announced that related deaths have crossed the epidemic threshold. Janet Golden, a professor of history at Rutgers–Camden and a specialist in medical history, has blogged about the outbreak for

In the blog, Golden writes, “Unfortunately, one of the key measures recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — staying home for at least 24 hours after your fever is gone, except to get medical care and for other necessities – is not an option for too large a number of Americans.  Millions of people lack access to affordable medical care. And millions of workers lack paid sick days; they risk losing their jobs and their family income if they stay home, even when sick with a contagious and dangerous ailment.”

Read Golden’s entire blog post here.

The author of numerous books, articles, and editorials, Golden’s professional service includes serving on the council of and chairing various committees for the American Association for the History of Medicine.

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