Law Scholar Publishes Birthright Citizenship Paper

Linda Bosniak, a distinguished professor of law at Rutgers–Camden, recently posted the paper “Birthright Citizenship, Undocumented Immigrants, and the Slavery Analogy” to the Social Science Research Network. The abstract can be viewed on the Legal History Blog.

The paper is a version of one that Bosniak presented at the March 2012 conference “Born In the USA: The Politics of Birthright Citizenship in Historical Perspective” at the University of Maryland Center For the History of the New America. “The current controversy over territorial birthright citizenship in the United States links unauthorized immigration with slavery,” Bosniak writes.

Bosniak teaches courses in constitutional law and theory, immigration law, citizenship law, and anti-discrimination law. She is a leading expert on issues of immigration, citizenship, nationalism and trans-nationalism, and constitutional equality, and has published extensively in these areas.

Click here for an abstract of the article. To download the article, click here. Bosniak’s bio can be found here.

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